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User Stories
No Time For Downtime (Bleu Marketing)
A52's Creativity Sizzles with Discreet® Flame® and Autodesk® Burn® (Autodesk)
Industrial Light and Magic (Autodesk)
Eye-dentifying with Discreet® Flint (Autodesk)

MAC Aficionado Turned PC Enthusiast (Adobe Systems)

Marketing Materials
Colors You Can Bank On (Bleu Marketing)
ILM Brochure (Autodesk)
The Power to Get Real (Dell-Autodesk-Intel)

iPump and COMPEL (Wegener)

Press Releases
University of Delaware Sports Hitachi  HDTV Cameras for Big Screen Displays
Harris Corporation Mobile DTV and InfoCaster™ Digital Signage Chosen by Capital Broadcasting To Deliver WRAL-DT to Buses in Raleigh, N.C.
LG Electronics LG U900 Cell Phone Gets Great Reception During Hiwire DVB-H Mobile Television Trial in Las Vegas
UCLA Installs Barix Instreamer IP Audio Encoders in 42 Classrooms
Barry Russo Video Productions Selects Fujinon Hac15x7.3b Cine Zoom Lens for Hi-Def Commercial Productions

Revolution in Realtime: Live Broadcast Graphics Accelerate and Proliferate
Lenses Fuel Mobile Truck Business: Selecting the Right Lenses for Mobile Video Units
Graphics Step Up Their Game
Driving the MPH™ Mobile TV Standard
The Economic Viability of Teletext and its Implications for the Growing Interactive Television Market

Magazine Articles
Capturing "Wild Ocean" (High Def Magazine)
In Search of Monster Fish of the Congo (TV Technology)
How "The Colbert Report" Battled Production Challenges in a War Zone (TV Technology, cover)
Plans Set for NBC's Coverage of Super Bowl XLIII (TV Technology, cover)
NFL Football Enters a New Dimension (TV Technology, cover)
TV Stations Tailor Campaign Coverage to Their Local Markets (TV Technology)
To HD or Not to HD (TV Technology)
Flipping Over HD Syndicated Shows (TV Technology, cover)
Making Sense of CDNs (Mediaware)
Cutting Costs Through Consolidation and Automation (TV Technology)