When Claudia Kienzle launched Television Ideas and Software (tv-is) in 1986, she had a vision that television was changing.

Television was migrating from its roots as linear programming sent out over the air or on videotape to something akin to software-content offering an interactive, nonlinear viewing experience that could be delivered via multiple channels and new media outlets.

The hunch proved true. Today, Claudia Kienzle is a technology explainer who grasps technological concepts related to moving media and explains them in a clear, concise, relevant manner that moves readers to action. Hence the tv-is tagline: information that moves….

Television Ideas and Software, Inc. is a N.J. sub-chapter S-Corporation registered in 1986 and trading as tv-is. All work is performed from a home-based office covered by N.J. Workman's Compensation insurance and a general liability business insurance policy.
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About tv-is

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Television Ideas and Software, Inc.
Information that moves.